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Liposuction for Your Body Parts:


How many of you out there have considered it?...

I know I have.

In fact lipo surgery has - at times - felt like the perfect solution to my stubborn areas. YOU know which ones I speak of, ladies. Thoes pesky "poochesses", and downright knarly bulges...

This section is for you.

I've broken down the subject of lipo surgery into discreet sections of the body.

Because what is true for one area of the body, may be slightly different for other areas of the body.

Find out what techniques and strategies are used to plan and execute the specific lipo procedure that you are most interested in... But Letty's Liposuction Directory doesn't stop there. Oh no...

Discover important safety concerns, pre-operative, and post-operative care suggestions, how to discuss possible complications with your physician and much more.

So go ahead and bookmark us!

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Dangers of Liposuction - Articles

  • Abdominal Liposuction

    Sculpted abs, tight abs, fit and toned abs... We have many ways of describing the perfect abs, don't we?... But the question always remains "How do we actually achieve that abdominal fitness that we crave?" This article discusses how abdominal lipo surgery might be a strategy to help some of you achieve the body that you dream of. Find out how abdominal lipo works and whether or not you are a great candidate for this procedure.

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  • Ankle Liposuction

    The ankles are a delicate and fragile place on the body to conduct a surgery. If you are someone who is intent upon having ankle liposuction - here are the facts that you should know. This informative article discusses what kind of ankle fat can be removed and the techniques used to accomplish that result. If you are wondering just what to expect from this ankle procedure then read more here.

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  • The Arms

    What woman out there doesn't admire Michelle Obama's arms?... I certainly do! It's really about having tone and fit arms that look lovely in your chosen attire. Right?... But there are many folks whose arm fat is resistant to diet & exercise. AND these "wings" of fat under the arms just don't seem to diminish - no matter what we do. Arm lipo just might be your solution. Read this engaging discussion here.

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  • The Back

    Our backs can be sensuous... they are functional... and they help us carry the burdens of life... This article is not just about the back liposculpture technique - but it's about how you can achieve your ideal look regardless of whether or not you have surgery. To find out what techniques works best on the back - read more here.

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  • Your Breasts

    Touchy but important subject - our breasts. If you are a woman - I don' t need to tell you how important breasts are. We women feel sexy, or maternal, or embarrassed, or comfortable by them (sometimes all in the same day). If you are a man you want to be fit and strong in that area (so it's no small matter for you either). This article centers around a discussion of what can realistically be achieved with breast lipo techniques.

    Read more here...
  • The Butt

    I think my backside is the one place that "lovely" cottage cheese affect seems to plague me more than any other spot on my physique... Soooo frustrating and ghastly really!.. In the spirit of helping myself and others - this article delves into the possibilities that can be found with lipo of the buttocks.

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  • The Cheeks

    Cheek lipo surgery is one of those very delicate surgeries that require extra consideration. Find out what is involved in this intricate surgery and what alternative techniques - both surgical and non-surgical may also help you achieve the look that you want.

    Read more here...
  • Chins

    Discover how liposuction can be used to sculpt your chin... Learn about the techniques and procedures plastic surgeons used to achieve good chin liposuction results.

    Read more here...
  • The Facial Area

    I think it goes without saying that our faces are pretty darn important. So what to do - if your face is less chiseled than you would like?... Is facial liposuction truly for you?... Read this article to discover if liposuction is the right procedure to get the look that you are looking for.

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  • Flanks

    First of all - what is a flank?... Hey some of you out there may want to know!... Okay. Your flanks are generally speaking - your sides. This is the area that runs from your underarm down to the top of your hip bone. This is also where love-handles are located. So can lipo surgery diminish these pockets of fat?... Read more here.

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  • Full Body

    Full body liposuction may be what you are looking for to refresh and sculpt your entire body... This article takes a sharp look at large volume liposuction - the pros and cons - and discusses whether or not you should be thinking about one procedure versus a few smaller ones. Don't miss this analysis.

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  • Hips and Waist

    We women -and quite a few of you men - have fat at the hip that expands your girth and makes it harder to fit into the fashions that you admire. Do you want to know how hip liposuction works and how it might work for you?... Read this interesting article that explains in detail what the procedure entails and what you can expect - realistically - for your results.

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  • Inner Thighs

    Inner thighs are another of those really tricky places where the cottage-cheese fat loves (and I do mean "l-o-v-e-s") to accumulate. So can liposuction help with this issue or not? This article takes an honest look at cellulite and whether or not liposuction treats for it effectively in the inner thigh region.

    Read more here...
  • Knees

    Talk about a delicate area... right? Our knees and elbows can accumulate little pockets of fat that are seen really clearly when our joints are extended - say - whenever we reach out for something in a short-sleeve shirt... Problem. Read what can be done to help address this issue.

    Read more here...
  • Legs

    Long and sleek legs can make a great impression... The question is - "How can liposuction help me to achieve stunning legs?" Find out with this informative and honest look at leg liposuction.

    Read more here...
  • Neck Area

    Our necks can speak a lot about us... they tell others if we are proud, confident, depressed... and more. We want our necks to look great in low-cut blouses or unbuttoned shirts. So what to do if your neck leave something to be desired?... Find out what neck lipo is all about.

    Read more here...
  • Outer Thighs

    Whether you call them outer thighs... saddle bags... or hams... whatever your pet name is for them - extra fat here is a real disappointment for most women and some of you guys too. So what to do about it?... Outer thigh lipo might be what you are looking for. Read more about it here.

    Read more here...
  • Pubic Area

    Here at Letty's Liposuction Directory - we talk honestly about everything... So having said that - there are some of you out there who want to change your looks down "there"... This article is just for you. This article discusses candidly the pros of cons of having liposuction in your private regions... Hmmmmm??

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  • Thighs

    Thighs are a very popularplace to have lipo on. If you're looking for more information about the ins and outs of the procedure... this article is for you. You will find an in-depth discussion of thigh liposuction so that you can make the best decision for you.

    Read more here...
  • Tummy Tuck with Lipo

    It is common these days to have two or more procedures done at the same time... This informative discussion will break down the risks and the benefits of having a tummy tuck and lipo simultaneously... But that is not all. You will discover a wealth of information about strengths and weaknesses of both techniques.

    Read more here...

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