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Liposuction Surgery:
Walk Taller... Look People in the Eye!

I'm your liposuction guide.

So what does lipo mean to you?...

You just want to look amazing... Or perhaps you are recently divorced and need a self-esteem boost. Maybe you haven't thought deeply about it - but it never hurts to look better.

I could go on and on.

My question to you is - "Why do you want lipo surgery?"... Do you want to:

  1. Be fearless naked?
  2. Be the envy of friends?
  3. Be adored by lovers?
  4. Wear form-fitting clothes without embarrassment?
  5. Or do you simply want to:
  6. Walk taller and look people in the eye...

Number 5 is my favorite (Okay... Number 1 is a close second - smile)... To me - the bottom line is that I want to feel good about myself when I look into the mirror. Also when I walk out into the world - I want the confidence to make my dreams come true. None of us want to be burdened with self-consciousness or doubt.

Hello. My name is Letty. This directory is a work of love for me.

"Wow?.. She thought I was pregnant."

My reasons for liposuction are many...

About 2 years ago at my 10-year class reunion an old high school friend congratulated me on a baby that I wasn't having. Wow?... She thought I was pregnant. When I told her she was mistaken - she was mortified. I felt just awful for her... and myself.

After that - the evening sort of fizzled.

Here's the deal. I'm soooo not over-weight... But I'm no athlete either. What I am is a busy 30-something woman (with a good appetite - okay?...) who has occassional trouble with abdominal fat. Crunches don't seem to improve it.

So I too am considering liposuction.

Avoiding Disaster 101...

Who wants to be a horror story?...

I think the obvious answer is -- "Not me!"... Most people know that any surgery carries with it the risk of complications. So before you decide on lipo (or any other surgery for that matter)... you need good information.

Before creating this website - I knew very little myself about liposuction. Fat is sucked away during surgery - that's all I knew.

So to educate myself - I began to research and catalogue my concerns. It took some time. But after some time - I had a wealth of information. And I was eager to share what I'd learned.

That how Letty's Liposuction Directory got its start.

Let me help you.

Come join us any time of day or night...

You can share your experiences and concerns. Or discover a friendly community of folks who are open and honest. But above all else - you will find great information... And when you're ready to take that next step - Letty's Liposuction Directory helps you find a reliable, board-certified plastic surgeon.

The resources and experts who can answer your toughest questions - are just a click away.

Just think of me - Letty - as your friendly guide.

Sit back a few minutes... Relax.

All the hard research has been done for you.

You simply focus on making the best decisions for you...

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Welcome Everyone...

Letty's Liposuction Directory

Hello. Welcome to Letty's Liposuction Directory...

By the way, I am Letty - your personal guide to everything you ever wanted to know about liposuction.

I may not be a medical expert, but I too considered having liposuction. AND I absolutely promise to give you the "Real Deal" - all the information just as I've discovered it. The good.. the bad.. and the ugly.

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