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Knee Liposuction

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Knees and Liposuction

Author: Letty's Staff Writer

Our knees prop us up, balance and brace us...

In short they are very important appendages. But what about "beautiful"?...

Can our knees be cute too?

If you are here on this page, I will assume that you are asking the same question, and expecting to find some answer to it.

And I would like to assure you that you aren’t alone, others too have considered liposuction for the knees.

Let’s talk about it a little more.

Knee liposuction... what else will they think of!?

Liposuction has gone "micro" in the last few years.

Advances in surgical instruments and the introduction of more refined surgical protocol has revolutionized liposuction surgery.

What it means for patients is that smaller, more delicate areas of the body previously un-treatable now are able to be contoured with a simple surgery. Areas that even skinny patients may have trouble targeting with diet and exercise, such as – under the chin, elbows, cankles, necks, can all be improved using liposuction technology.

Patients no longer have to accept with resignation those "bits and pieces" that give them the most trouble in the mirror... trouble bits like that little out-pouching of fat at the top of the knees that appears when we stand straight up.

How does liposuction of the knees work?

Knee liposuction is performed under local anesthesia. A very small cannula (narrow "wand-like" tube) 1.0mm to 2.0mm in diameter is inserted through small puncture - incisions to reach and gently extract the subcutaneous fat.

Once the initial fat is removed a laser fiber – fed through the cannula – is moved back and forth throughout the treated area. The laser’s energy is delivered directly to remaining fat cells causing them to rupture and drain away leaving a smooth contoured surface just under the skin.

With the use of the laser less bleeding, swelling and bruising occurs – which results in a shortened healing time. For micro-liposuction often no stitches are required, and scarring is very minimal.

Am I a good candidate for this surgery?

Proper patient selection and counseling are really important for liposuction surgery.

Good candidates for surgery are patients with localized fat deposits, who are within 15 to 20% of their ideal weight. Obese patients can and do have liposuction, but the changes post-surgery are less dramatic. It is also important that the patient has good skin elasticity. Liposuction removes volume – so without adequate retraction, skin can hang noticeably after surgery.

Most importantly, a patient should have realistic expectations, AND be well aware of the risks.

What are the potential risks?

Although micro-liposuction offers a vast improvement over the traditional approach for more delicate areas of the body... it is still surgery. There are risks involved.

Complications of liposuction include (but are not limited to) the following:

  1. Infection.
  2. Swelling and bruising.
  3. Embolism (blood clots).
  4. Asymmetrical results.
  5. Damage to superficial nerves.

In conclusion:

Micro-liposuction techniques can improve stubborn figure flaws that were previously untreatable. Another great aspect of the surgery is that post-recovery times are shorter, than traditional liposuction – so there is less pain and inconvenience.

Liposuction is still surgery despite the fact that it can take place in the doctor’s office, with less pain and suffering. That means there are still risks. And the biggest advice that I can give anyone considering any type of surgery is to do your homework.

Vet your surgeon thoroughly. Look at his or her qualifications. Since knee liposuction is plastic surgery – be sure to select a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Watch an ACTUAL surgery:

Dr. Michael Brown discusses the implications of knee liposuction.

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