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Liposuction for Legs

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Liposuction for Legs

Author: Letty's Staff Writer

Those of you who have exercised, and dieted for years and still have flabby patches that just won't go away, liposuction for legs may be the answer.

Those of you who are over-weight and still want legs that are more proportional, liposuction may be for you too.

This article discusses some of the more technical aspects of leg liposuction.

Let's break things down even further:

Different areas of the leg have different trouble spots that lead to a less proportionate appearance.

  1. Thighs. The largest section of the leg is the thigh. This is also where the most fat of the entire leg accumulates – including the dreaded cellulite fat so many of us ladies wish we didn't have. Also, the inner thigh where our two legs rub together can particularly problematic for many women and some men too.
  2. Knees. Knees don't accumulate nearly as much fat as the thigh can, but the trouble with knees is that the fat which tends to deposit here is often pretty stubborn. Dieting and exercising won't always resolve that little out-pouching of fat near the top of the knee.
  3. Calves. If you think about proportion, calves can actually have the reverse problem as other areas of the leg. Many of our calves are just too slender to give the contour we desire. For those individuals a plastic surgeon could discuss some alternatives to create more volume there. However – for the right patient - one of the ways to bring out the look of the calves is to slenderize the transition area between calve and ankle a bit more.

    This tapering gives a more attractive look to the calves.

  4. Ankles? Seems ridiculous, but there is a case to be made for liposuction of the ankle. Again it's proportionality that is at work. The narrower the ankle is in relation to the calf, the more pleasing it looks.

In the hands of a competent surgeon (hopefully one with an artistic eye), liposuction can help to address each area of the leg in a conservative yet effective way – which can give patients more appealing, shapely legs.

How does liposuction for legs work?

Liposuction for legs works pretty much as it sounds like it would... Fat is sucked out of an area of the body.

More technically speaking – however – the surgery begins with small puncture incisions placed strategically throughout the treatment area. Next, a numbing fluid (which also functions to soften the fat) is injected into the treatment area until it is swollen and firm to the touch. A device called a "cannula" (which is slender and wand-like in appearance) is inserted into the incisions and moved back and forth as it suctions out the fluid and fat.

The surgeon will continue to make these back and forth passes removing fat from underneath the skin until he or she deems the area is well-shaped.

Depending of the extent and location of the initial puncture incisions, the surgeon may finish the surgery with stitches, or drainage tubes. Some surgeons even leave the incisions open to drain and heal on their own.

But pretty much every surgeon will place the patient into a compression garment that is worn for a few weeks as the patient recovers from surgery.

Am I a good patient for - liposuction for legs?

There are tremendous benefits to liposuction surgery, but only for the right patient.

A good liposuction patient in general is one who is healthy and pretty much within their ideal body weight. These individuals may have specific figure flaws that have not responded well to dieting and/or exercise – so they are seeking a surgical solution.

Also, some over-weight or obese patients can be approved for liposuction by their surgeons, but results may be less dramatic, oftentimes because the amount of fat which can be safely removed might not give an overweight person the results he or she is looking for. But, if your doctor is thinking in terms of proportionality – even small amounts of removed fat can make a heavy person look more attractive if taken from the right places.

Fat or skinny, it is important to be screened by a qualified surgeon. He or she will counsel you about your specific health profile and your suitability for liposuction surgery.

What are the risks?

Since liposuction is surgery – if you assumed there are risks involved... you are right.

The more common risks are (but aren't limited to):

  1. Infection. Any time the skin is punctured there is a risk of invasion by bacteria, fungi, or viruses.
  2. Swelling and bruising. This is pretty normal after surgery, but will keep you from doing your normal activities.
  3. Asymmetry. One side of your completed liposuction area may look a little odd in comparison to the other side.
  4. Blood clotting (embolism). Dangerous blood or fat clots can form after surgery. This is part of reason why the doctor will make you wear a compression garment which helps reduce the incidence of these.
  5. Nerve damage. The back and forth motion of the cannula underneath the skin may injure nerves in the legs if the surgeon isn't careful.

These are just a few of the potential negative side effects associated with liposuction surgery. Your surgeon should screen you for other risks associated specifically with your medical history.

In Conclusion:

Liposuction for legs is a surgery that can that improve the contour of your legs.

However there ARE some significant risks associated with it. So, be sure to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Check Out This Quick Video:

Dr. Amron explains calf and ankle liposuction...

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