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Butt Liposuction is NOT for Everyone

Author: Letty's Staff Writer

Oftentimes we women – and some men too – find our bottoms extremely problematic.

Dimples, ripples, sags, bags, and bulges that we would prefer not to be there...

ARE there.

And for many of us butt-burning lunges and intense exercise just aren't appealing.


We'd much rather dream of quick-fixes, and having our bikini moment in the sun... pain free of course.

So, the question for you that we hope to answer, "Will butt liposuction improve my bottom-side?"... Let's get into how liposuction might be just the solution you've been looking for.

First, let's talk proportion...

We are all shaped differently. And that fact very much depends on our specific genetic phenotype (how we are meant to look). Short, tall, thin, thick, light and dark... These are very much pre-programmed features of our inheritance.

I wanted to mention that, because there is not a one-size-fits-all solution to how our bodies should look. Wishing to have the exact same bottom-profile as the next woman is not smart. There is a good chance that her bottom would look horrible on you.

Why is that?

Simply stated... Proportion.

Proportion is the ratio of one of your features to another of your features... In the case of butt and hip girth, the key feature they need to balance with is the waist circumference. You may need a little more or less in the butt area to balance attractively with your particular waist circumference.

Research from the University of Texas, Austin:

Demonstrated that proportions are more important to perceived attractiveness than weight. Fifteen women underwent fat-grafting surgery were fat was harvested from their waists and transferred to the buttocks. And regardless of what their weight was after surgery, all the women were deemed more attractive after surgery based on their smaller waist circumference.

Singh, Devendra; Young, Robert K. (2001-06-27). "Body Weight, Waist-to-Hip Ratio, Breasts, and Hips: Role in Judgments of Female Attractiveness and Desirability for Relationships" (PDF). Ethology and Sociobiology 16 (6): 483–507.

So, again – research demonstrates that your particular proportions are much more important to attractiveness than having someone else's exact butt size.

Surgical Approaches to Butt Contouring:

A. Liposuction of the Areas Surrounding the Butt.

One approach your surgeon may take would be to narrow the tissues surrounding the buttocks.

Your surgeon may decide to apply liposuction to the lower back, the outer thighs, waist and upper thighs, and not touch the flesh on the butt at all. The thinking here is that the bottom will become shapelier, and more attractive when the areas are treated in relation to it.

A smaller appearing waist and thighs would tend to enhance the buttocks in an attractive way.

B. Liposuction the Butt Itself.

Another surgical approach is to liposuction the buttocks itself.

In our opinion, this is the more difficult way to go about it. And he reason is because the bottom is a highly rounded and contoured area naturally. Any misstep in its shaping could make the rear-end look "off" and rather asymmetrical...

The potential for a dissatisfactory result goes up when you apply liposuction directly to the bottom itself.

C. Liposuction-Assisted Fat Grafting to Enhance the Butt

Fat-grafting has also been used successfully in conjunction with liposuction to shape the derriere.

This technique 'harvests' fat from other locations in the body to be injected into the bottom. Fat is layered carefully onto the buttock to make it fuller and rounder.

Your surgeon must be careful in her approach to this surgery - to ensure that irregularities in the shape do not occur. In fact - it is not uncommon for a follow-up surgery to be done to correct any asymmetry.

The better the surgeon is... the better your results will be. So be sure to pick the best doctor possible.

Can liposuction address cellulite on my buttocks?

Another good question.

Unfortunately butt liposuction is NOT a treatment for cellulite. I know how disappointing that is. But cellulite is quite tricky to address and may actually be a permanent situation for most women. According to some studies, 95% of women over the age of 30 have cellulite. That basically includes most all women.

Cellulite is a rippled-, or dimpled-type fat that is located in many small pockets.

It is sandwiched in-between strands of collagen in the dermal layer. This spotty topography that makes it virtually untreatable with liposuction. Liposuction excels at pulling superficial fatty tissue out of a consistent layer of fat. Cellulite is not in a consistent layer of fat. Cellulite exists in multiple discrete pockets – which is why it has a dimpled look to it.

Butt liposuction is just not designed to get into each nook and cranny of cellulite fat to remove it.

As unappealing as it may sound, the overall best treatment for some women with cellulite is to reduce the storage of fat through diet and exercise.

What is the take-home here?

The butt can be a beautiful thing.

Liposuction can help if it is used to establish attractive proportions throughout the figure. But don't underestimate the effectiveness of targeted exercises, and diet when it comes to shaping your body overall.

If you are going to have surgery (liposuction in particular), be sure to take the time to pick a board-certified plastic surgeon that has tons of experience performing butt liposuction.

I think this video may help:

Dr. Amron of California discusses the difficulty with butt liposuction.

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