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Author: Letty's Staff Writer

The back is an area that is often ignored by the masses.

We don't typically see this area when we are standing in front of the mirror.

It's easy to put it out of your mind.

That is - of course - unless you're a contortion artist like me. I seem to take great pleasure twisting myself into impossible positions to view and criticize my unattractive back fat.

So, we're definitely talking about our backs today.

Particularly we are going to discuss ways to make our backs more appealing with liposuction surgery.

Without further ado...

What are some typical problems for men and women in this area of the body?

Fat storage in the upper and lower back is controlled not only by lifestyle choices, but by genetics, and your health status as well.

  1. Some are taking medicines that can increase the amount of fat stored in the back.
  2. Others have lifestyle issues that can inadvertently affect the amount of back fat they have (i.e. 'over-eating couch potatoes').
  3. And still others have an Aunt Marge in the family who has some sort of "buffalo hump" on her back - AND whose proverbial footsteps you seem to be following in. Your genetics suck.

For many good reasons, excessive back fat can plague the average individual. What you want to know is how to get rid of it.

How does back liposuction work to address those issues?

Let's first discuss liposuction and the role it plays in the treatment of back fat.

Your back fat is often the last to vanish when you are dieting and exercising. Don't worry. There is help. Back liposuction is a surgical technique that CAN remove those resistant pockets of fat.

Here's how it works:

  1. First, the surgeon makes a few key incisions in the skin of the back. At this stage the surgeon generally plans where the incision marks will go so that minimal scarring occurs.
  2. Then a numbing solution is injected into the treatment area until the area is swollen and firmly filled. Next, the surgeon inserts a surgical device called a "cannula" – which is a long and slender metallic rod attached with hollow tubing to a suctioning apparatus.
  3. Finally, the numbing solution and liquefied fat is suctioned out of the body into a holding container.

What about scars... How visible will they be?

Unlike some surgical procedures which remove large swatches of skin, incisions are very minimal in back liposuction.

In many cases sutures may not even be needed.

The small puncture wounds associated with the surgery will completely fade in time for some folks. Others may have very small - yet permanent - scarring associated with liposuction.

Good surgeons will plan incision points so that any potential scarring is hidden in the bikini line and therefore won't be obvious to the casual observer.

Are there alternatives to back liposuction that will give better results?

Regular cardio and focused strength-training exercises should reduce the amount of fat stored in the back.

I ran across this suggestion in the February 2007 edition of Shape Magazine:

  1. "To refocus your [daily exercise routine], do cardio 30 to 60 minutes on most days of the week. Rowing and boxing with a bag will help tone back muscles and burn fat all over. In the weight room, do 2 or 3 sets of 8 to 12 reps of bent-over flyes (hold a dumbbell in each hand, bend over at your hips, and draw your arms out to each side to shoulder height). Those bra bulges start to vanish in about a month."
  2. – Dimity McDowell.

While you wait for the exercises to take effect, try one of those clever clothing solutions like Spanx™ or a shaping garments.

And don't forget to get a professional bra fitting at a local lingerie shop.

Many women wear the wrong type and/or sized support garment. This can cause back fat to 'pucker out' and appear worse than it is really.

What is the take-home here?

Dieting and exercising will be enough for many of you.

But if your back fat is totally plaguing your eyes out - despite your fitness routine - then do yourself a favor and select the best possible board-certified plastic surgeon.

Your health and beauty are certainly worth the extra effort up front.

Really informative short video:

Dr. Amron of California discusses back liposuction.

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