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We understand your challenge.

You and I both know that unlike other types of medical practices – plastic surgery practices need a constant stream of new faces to build and maintain your business.

Constantly growing your customer base is a fact of life in your business.

The problem is time.

Somehow you must get your business in front of lots of new people - and convince them that you are worthy of their trust.

But you're already a busy surgeon. So the amount of effort and tedium it requires to build a presence online is something that you simply do not have time for.

For that reason advertising liposuction and other plastic surgery procedures - is extremely important to your bottom line.

Today's online business reality...

These days it is not enough to simply build a glossy new website and hope that people will find you online. In fact - you probably already have a very professional-looking - YET minimally effective website for your practice... Right?

You're not alone.

The reality of business online is that most websites are never visited... So it may not come as a shock to you that - most of your competitors have nice, but completely invisible websites.

In order to create a real online presence - you must know how to get the major search engines to find you. In a competitive market - that is either going to require a specific skill set and the time to employ it, OR it will require gobs of money with no guarantee of success.

The beauty of advertising liposuction with Letty's Liposuction Directory is that you don't need to spend tons of money... AND we have the know-how and time to build a tremendous online presence for you.

That bears repeating...

We build an online presence for you!

How do I build a real online presence?

We are webmasters who have years of experience in getting into top search listings at the major engines for important search terms. In fact, we specialize in niche marketing and online branding.

At Letty's Liposuction Directory we are actively building market share in the online plastic surgery market. With fresh, engaging, and - yes even - fun content our online viewers are enticed to visit us again and again. Not only are we interested in keeping previous viewers engaged - but we know how to promote and get our business in front of all the major search engines.

By advertising liposuction with us - you will have access to an expanding and growing audience of willing-to-contact-you customers - your life's blood in the plastic surgery business. Our life's blood in the web-mastering business is traffic...

That's a match made in heaven!

What do I get for my advertising dollars?

We promote our plastic surgeons with an attractive directory listing.

From that listing there will be a link to an exclusive page with your clinics details, your credentials, your specialties, all of the information that defines your business services.

These pages are attractive and professional – and of course they are customizable. You can add video, before and after pics, articles, answers to viewer questions, and more - in order to both personalize and distinguish your particular business.

Also your business will appear regularly in a rotating "Featured Surgeon" box on our homepage... And - finally - in addition to all of that you will gain access to a growing community of people who are hungry for good information, and recommendations about liposuction. This kind of access is probably the most important feature we offer...

No other liposuction directory does this.

You will not find this kind of complete and holistic approach to the directory business model anywhere else on the net today. That makes Letty's a premium place for advertising liposuction and your other plastic surgery services.

How do I sign up?

  • Step 1 - Fill out form...

    Fill out the form below. Be sure to answer the items that have an asterisk. Please be aware that the information you provide us from this form - is used to create your listing... So be accurate!

  • Step 2 - Select options...

    Submit the form below. Once the form submits - you will then be directed to a page where you can make payment for your listing choices.

Step 1: Fill out the application form below...

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