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Chin Liposuction

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Chin Liposuction

Author: Letty's Staff Writer

There are some places on the face were liposuction would not be a helpful procedure.

As we age we need more fat in our faces and not less.

Think 'skeleton' here.

Youthful faces are plump and fleshy; older faces more gaunt. That being said, the chin is one area where fat removal may actually be beneficial.

So, let's talk about it.

Who would benefit most from chin lipo?

The older we get the more fat gets stored under our chins and around the neck. That stubborn pad of fat has the tendency to make us look much fatter and older than we actually are.

So, it is no great surprise that people are interested in removing it.

Anyone with excess fat under the chin and jowl-line may benefit from chin liposuction - which selectively targets that small stubborn pad of fat quite effectively. In fact - chin lipo does a good job of aiding people who diet and exercise but still have chin fat.

A caveat to chin lipo:

It is important to note that if your skin is excessively sagging, OR if you've got a lot of chin fat with a good deal of hanging skin - then chin liposuction alone will not be enough for you.

These individuals may actually need a neck-lift procedure.

Facelifts correct signs of aging (i.e. hanging skin, misaligned fat pads, and wrinkles) in the upper-, mid- and lower-face. Hanging skin and fat underneath the jowls can be addressed as part of a larger procedure.

The ideal liposuction patient.

Stand-alone liposuction of the chin has a more limited application in individuals who don't have too much fat, and whose skin is relatively retractable and resilient.

Chin lipo works best as a refining procedure.

What are some of the most common risks?

Although chin liposuction can be performed as an in-office procedure, there are some risk factors – and doctors will still want to carefully screen their patients for the procedure.

Some of the potential complications include (but are not limited to):

  1. Infection.
  2. Allergic reaction to the numbing solution.
  3. Fat embolism (clots).
  4. Bruising.
  5. Scarring.

Be sure to talk candidly with a board-certified plastic surgery about your particular health profile and how it can impact the surgery.

Will my chin fat come back if I gain weight?

When fat cells are removed from the body they do not come back... That is – those particular fat cells don't come back. But the body is perfectly capable of producing more fat cells in their place.

So, the short answer is "YES" you could gain chin fat all over again.

I will say that in researching this article, I came across many anecdotal stories from surgeons whose patients may have gained weight again after liposuction, but it came back in other places on the body. So, if that is true, then perhaps the chin fat won't come back – but your boobs will get larger.

One can only hope.

What is the take-home here?

Chin liposuction is a targeted procedure that is limited in scope.

It can't help everyone who has excess chin fat. Some individuals – particularly those with excessively hanging skin – will need a neck-lift procedure in addition to chin liposuction to correct the problem.

I just can't say enough how important it is to select the right physician to perform your liposuction. You will have to face some risk factors to have the procedure.

So, it is important to put yourself into capable hands...

You HAVE to watch this:

Dr. Amron talks about lipo to the chin and neck area.

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