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Author: Letty's Staff Writer

If you are trying to figure out just how popular liposuction is - then look below.

I find it fascinating to discover who is having what done, in what amounts - in terms of plastic surgery.

Below I think you will discover some very engaging liposuction statistics honestly tell you something about the Unites States of America.

What is the something - you wonder?... Well, I'll let you draw your own conclusions for now. For now - let's go ahead and delve more into the question...

Is liposuction the most popular plastic surgery procedure?

This year breast augmentation topped liposuction surgery as the most frequently performed plastic surgery procedure in the United States. But liposuction surgery is no measly second…

Liposuction Statistics - #1:
Liposuction is an extremely popular surgery that in 2008 was performed over 330,000 times. Well over 1 billion dollars was spent on liposuction surgery alone in the United States alone.

Source: 2008 Cosmetic Surgery National Data Bank Statistics - ASAP

Multiply those liposuction statistics many times over across the world – and you have a worldwide phenomenon that is easily a multi-billion dollar industry. So needless to say, liposuction is an extremely popular, highly lucrative business.

Who is having liposuction?

Women and men around the world are having liposuction.

Although statistics across the board show that plastic surgery is generally more popular with women than men – men surprisingly are becoming more acclimated to plastic surgery and are having procedures (including liposuction) done much more frequently than they ever would have in the past/ever before.

Liposuction Statistics - #2:
In 2008 in the United States women patients accounted for over 300,000 liposuction surgeries. More than 30,000 liposuction surgeries were done on men in the United States in 2008. This gender trend holds true across Europe and other regions of the world.

Source: 2008 Cosmetic Surgery National Data Bank Statistics - ASAP

Women are the primary patient for liposuction as well as other plastic surgery procedures. We can speculate as to why women more often feel the need to enhance or change their appearance - but the fact remains that the most typical plastic surgery patient is indeed female.

When we look at the data by race someone interesting facts show up - at least for the United States where this information is collected...

Liposuction Statistics - #3:
In the United States liposuction statistics are noted by race. It appears that among African-Americans, Native-Americans and Latin-Americans – liposuction is the most popular plastic surgery procedure. For Caucasians, and Asian-Americans – breast augmentation beat out liposuction for the most popular plastic surgical procedure for the first time in 2008.

Source: 2008 Cosmetic Surgery National Data Bank Statistics - ASAP

What factors contribute to the popularity of liposuction?

We've discussed some important liposuction statistics. Now let's look the factors that help drive the popularity of liposuction worldwide:

  1. Vanity - It's no secret that the world is becoming more and more looks-oriented. As many parts of the world are prospering now unlike every before more individuals are looking for personal fulfillment in the form of a better looking face or physique. So the growing vanity of the world is certainly a strong factor fanning the popularity of liposuction specifically and plastic surgery in general.

  2. Cost - A second factor that is contributing to the explosion in popularity of liposuction and other plastic surgery procedures would be the democratization of cost. Once upon a time – plastic surgery was so prohibitively expensive that no one who wasn't wealthy could afford these services. Now, many middle class and working class individuals from around the world are having liposuction and other procedures done.

  3. Obesity - In the specific instance of liposuction surgery – the expanding waistlines from around the world is helping to drive the popularity of the surgery. The world – particularly the developed world – is significantly fatter than in days gone by. The more fat there is in the population the more attractive is the offer/procedure to remove that fat.

  4. Availability - In addition to cost and attitude factors, another really important contributor to the popularity of liposuction would be the availability of the service. Doctors and practioners of all training backgrounds are “hanging their shingles” so to speak. You can find liposuction services in just about every town in the United States at every sort of location – medical spas, doctors' offices, surgery clinics and hospitals alike are offering services and financing plans to lure the not-quite-so-rich into their parlors.

What is the take-home here?

Obviously, the take home here is that popularity, availability, and demand shouldn't be your only reason for utilizing plastic surgery services.

You should go into any procedure – first having reviewed all of your options and having taken an honest look at all of the potential risks involved - regardless of liposuction statistics.

The other take-home is that there are many factors driving the popularity of liposuction. Factors such as changing attitudes around the world, more reasonable cost, and easy availability all contribute to the phenomenon.

These factors will help to fuel demand for many years to come.

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Dr. Lowenstein of California describes what happens post-op after liposuction surgery...

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