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Liposuction From Around the Globe:

Author: Letty's Staff Writer

How popular is liposuction around the globe?

Liposuction is an extremely popular plastic surgery all over the world. In China, India, South and Central America, and of course, North America and Europe, and even the Middle East looking good with the help of a little plastic surgery has become a world phenomenon.

This has added to world liposuction statistics and plastic surgery numbers as well.

Medical tourism has become a multi-billion dollar business in every corner of the globe. Even the continent of Africa is open for business when it comes to serving foreign clients in the cosmetic surgery industry.

So what is driving this new trend around the world?...

One factor contributing to the world liposuction statistics and plastic surgery's popularity in general - is the expanding middle class in many areas of the world (particularly those countries in the Asian continent). More folks than ever before are taking advantage of inexpensive plastic surgery as the presence of their disposable income has made it possible for them to enter this market.

Once again, this is both good and bad.

But it also means that there are unscrupulous practitioners who lack training, experience and proper equipment and setting – who are hanging their shingle and opening their doors to the public for services that they are not qualified to perform. Of course they are doing it for much less than a skilled surgeon would typically charge – but the buyer must beware in these instances.

Often they are getting increased risks along with their ever-so-cheap surgery – and basically placing their lives in unprepared hands – with disasterous consequences.

What are the risks of liposuction abroad?...

However, if you are determined to go to another country for your liposuction or any other cosmetic surgery procedure then be sure to do your homework thoroughly. Try to check out the clinic and the physician in the other country. Check to see if there is a medical board in that country that oversees the conduct of its members. And be sure to visit and inspect the facility with the thought...,

"If it doesn't live up to my expectations – I won't proceed with the surgery – regardless of how much money I've spent to-date getting to this point."

What are the stats around the globe?

Statistics are pretty hard to find about total worldwide plastic surgery numbers in general and even more so tough to find about liposuction specifically. However, in my searching I ran across some interesting figures posted by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

The following totals represent not only world liposuction statistics but all plastic surgeries done by members of The International Society Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. However these totals don't represent those for non-member surgeons.

But I believe it's likely that these trends will hold true for non-member surgeons in these countries as well.

Table #1 of World Liposuction Statistics:

World Liposuction Statistics #1:

# of Procedures per Country
Country Procedures Percentage Rank
USA 85635 16.35% 1
MEXICO 50490 9.64% 2
BRAZIL 47162 9.00% 3
CANADA 31460 6.01% 4
ARGENTINA 31232 5.96% 5
SPAIN 28757 5.49% 6
FRANCE 25265 4.82% 7
GERMANY 20114 3.84% 8
JAPAN 19837 3.79% 9
SOUTH AFRICA 18324 3.50% 10
GREAT BRITAIN 16473 3.15% 11
SOUTH KOREA 14619 2.79% 12
TAIWAN 13160 2.51% 13
ITALY 11747 2.24% 14
BELGIUM 10409 1.99% 15
AUSTRALIA 10293 1.97% 16
SWITZERLAND 9415 1.80% 17
TURKEY 9160 1.75% 18
GREECE 7787 1.49% 19
DENMARK 7120 1.36% 20
NETHERLANDS 7005 1.34% 21
SINGAPORE 5192 0.99% 22
SWEDEN 4661 0.89% 23
LEBANON 3770 0.72% 24
HONG KONG, CHINA 3634 0.69% 25
FINLAND 3501 0.67% 26
THAILAND 2460 0.47% 27
PERU 2236 0.43% 28
ECUADOR 2155 0.41% 29
SLOVENIA 2042 0.39% 30
CYPRUS 1869 0.36% 31
RUSSIA 1830 0.35% 32
INDIA 1778 0.34% 33
JORDAN 1518 0.29% 35
VENEZUELA 1400 0.27% 36
ISRAEL 1248 0.24% 38
COLOMBIA 1169 0.22% 39
PHILIPPINES 1060 0.20% 40
EGYPT 1008 0.19% 41
SAUDI ARABIA 908 0.17% 42
HUNGARY 594 0.11% 43
ROMANIA 578 0.11% 44
URUGUAY 378 0.07% 45
CZECH REP 347 0.07% 46
TOTAL 523774 100.00%  

World Liposuction Statistics: International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons

As you can see many procedures are being done all over the world. These statistics just relate to the surgeons that are part of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

The overall totals are higher.

The next chart shows world gender trends for plastic surgery. As you can see the expected trend (female seeking plastic surgery more than male) hold true for the rest of the world as well.

Table #2 of World Liposuction Statistics:

World Liposuction Statistics #2:

% of Male/Female Procedures per Country
Country % Female % Male
EGYPT 100.00% -
JAPAN 97.96% 2.03%
HUNGARY 96.97% 3.03%
COLOMBIA 96.41% 3.59%
TAIWAN 96.05% 3.95%
GREAT BRITAIN 96.02% 3.98%
FRANCE 95.04% 4.97%
FINLAND 94.86% 5.14%
RUSSIA 94.43% 5.57%
URUGUAY 94.18% 5.82%
SWITZERLAND 94.05% 5.96%
CANADA 93.22% 6.78%
SPAIN 92.93% 7.07%
SOUTH AFRICA 92.34% 7.66%
DENMARK 92.28% 7.72%
MEXICO 92.19% 7.81%
CYPRUS 90.85% 9.15%
AUSTRALIA 90.69% 9.31%
PHILIPPINES 89.62% 10.38%
ISRAEL 89.42% 10.58%
GERMANY 89.29% 10.71%
JORDAN 88.93% 11.07%
ITALY 88.21% 11.80%
BRAZIL 87.89% 12.11%
ECUADOR 87.70% 12.30%
LEBANON 87.40% 12.60%
ARGENTINA 86.89% 13.11%
SINGAPORE 86.33% 13.66%
ROMANIA 86.33% 13.67%
SWEDEN 85.90% 14.10%
PERU 84.79% 15.21%
SOUTH KOREA 84.33% 15.67%
BELGIUM 83.52% 16.48%
USA 83.29% 16.71%
NETHERLANDS 83.23% 16.77%
VENEZUELA 82.86% 17.14%
THAILAND 80.85% 19.15%
GREECE 79.97% 20.03%
TURKEY 79.91% 20.09%
SAUDI ARABIA 77.97% 22.03%
CZECH REP 73.78% 26.22%
SLOVENIA 73.75% 26.25%
HONG KONG, CHINA 70.67% 29.33%
INDIA 60.91% 39.09%

World Liposuction Statistics: International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons


I love the statistic that shows that the country with the highest percentage of plastic surgery procedures is India. I would have guessed that to be the United States – as vain and self-conscious as we are here. But that is not the case at all.

What is the take-home here?

There are great opportunities for excellent plastic surgery care all across the world. As we become a smaller more "looks-oriented, conscious" world more people of every sort of person, gender, background, nationality, and ethnicity are going to be seeking out services that they believe will deliver a better self-image.

Plastic surgery isn't the exclusive purview of only western and European countries. Everyone everywhere is concerned with their looks and willing to seek out services that enhance their sense of beauty and personal body image.

But if you are going into a country with loose regulation of the medical profession you will need to be extra careful to protect your safety and ultimately your health going forward.

So our bottom line advice to you is – as always – do your homework.

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World Liposuction Statistics References:

  • International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. Web January 15, 2010. http://www37.tok2.com/home/koreanworld/data/archives/surgery/stats2004res.html.

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