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About Risks of Liposuction

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Risks of Liposuction

Author: Letty's Staff Writer

I think it's great that you are looking for information about liposuction risks. It shows that you take your health very seriously – and (should you decide to have liposuction) plan on an excellent outcome.

Let's think about this. There is definitely anesthesia involved. Incisions are made into the skin. And there is quite a bit of tissue disruption involved...

Basically, we're talking about major surgery here.

So, why not prepare yourself with education and accurate information?... Make sure you know what the risks of liposuction are and how you can minimize those potential complications while enjoying great liposuction results.

Sound like something you might be interested in?

Great... then let's get into the details.

  1. I. Liposuction Burns.

    1. How It Occurs:

      This is not a common liposuction risk. However – with ultrasonic liposuction particularly – it is possible to receive a thermal injury from liposuction surgery. In ultrasound liposuction the equipment used involves a "hot" cannula. The cannula becomes heated with high-frequency energy that is applied through the probe to help "melt" the fat tissue that is subsequently removed using suction.

      If the high-frequency cannula is not kept in motion properly during the surgery – significant burns can result.

    2. How To Prevent It:

      To avoid liposuction burns it is imperative that you select the right liposuction surgeon who had tons of experience.

  2. II. Dangerous Embolisms.

    1. How It Occurs:

      One of the most deadly liposuction risks are embolisms.

      They are often "silent killers" in the sense that you may not experience detectable symptoms before there is a problem. Embolisms are blood or fat clots that form when the body is injured and inactive.

      Embolisms can be deadly when pieces break off and travel through the blood stream to far-reaching organs and cause dangerous blockages of blood supply.

    2. How To Prevent It:

      Prevention of blood clots can involve wearing compression stockings and bandages.

      And also it is very important to follow the doctor's instructions about activity. If your physician wants you to get up and move around gently during recovery at home – be sure to do it. After surgery - even gentle walking around your living room can help prevent blood clotting.

  3. III. Internal Puncture Wounds.

    1. How It Occurs:

      Have you seen a video of liposuction surgery?...

      If you have then you've noticed how vigorously the surgeon moves the surgical instrument back and forth – to disrupt and suck out the fat tissue in a treatment area... This can become the source of puncture wounds.

      Doctors who are not trained properly, or who aren't particularly talented can injure underlying organs, or overlying skin during surgery.

    2. How To Prevent It:

      This is another reason why it is so important to choose your surgeon carefully.

      Another way a physician can help prevent this kind of complication is to properly screen patients. Some women after having had multiple births will have tears and rips in the underlying muscles of the abdomen. These holes and weaknesses in the muscle tissue should be identified by your surgeon and repaired before or during your liposuction surgery. Muscle hernias can lead to puncture wounds during a liposuction surgery if not properly handled.

      Doctors are essentially blind as they perform liposuction – because they can't see what is directly in front of the cannula. Although most liposuction surgeries are performed without any major consequences to patient's long-terms health - even the best of surgeons can make mistakes.

      This last point leads me to certain conclusions about "risks of liposuction"...

What is the take-home here?

When discussing liposuction risks – it is so important to mention that even in the best of circumstances there will always be some risk of complication during liposuction surgery.

Lipo is NOT a risk-free procedure.

Another great tip is to take your time choosing a surgeon and be very, very picky. Your life is literally in the hands of your liposuction doctor. Make sure those "hands" are as experienced and skilled as they possibly can be.

After all your looks are important, but your well-being is "king"!

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