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The Ideal Liposuction Patient

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Who is the ideal liposuction patient?

Author: Letty's Staff Writer

It turns out that there is an ideal patient for liposuction surgery.

Unfortunately it is not the case that anyone should have the surgery. There are reasons why some people would be put at risk to have surgery of any type.

And there are other reasons why some people's liposuction results won't look very good, or may look even worse than their original state of things.

Firm Skin.

To start, people with firm, taut skin - that also happen to have a little fat in unwanted places - make very good candidates for liposuction surgery.

The reason these individuals are suited for the surgery is that liposuction decreases the volume under the skin in the local area it is performed. If the patient's skin is not resilient with sufficient elasticity – their results may look saggy and wrinkled – which would look worse than the original.

Just think of an over-stretched, wrinkly, deflated balloon – and well... you get the picture.

Pre-existing Conditions.

The next attribute of the ideal liposuction patient will be one in good health.

Anyone with preexisting conditions would be put at risk for serious complications during and after surgery. Healthy individuals, who are very close to their expected weight for their height and age, make much better candidates for surgery in general – including liposuction.

Ideal Liposuction Patient?...

What about attitude...?

This last point is really a matter of what you as an individual can tolerate.

Folks who heal well with little scarring can make better patients than those who heal poorly or scar badly.

Now here is my caveat to the previous statement:

If you are an individual who scars badly (perhaps you get discoloration in your scar areas, for instance), but you are satisfied with your liposuction results, regardless – then you will be an ideal liposuction patient. It is always better to go into your liposuction procedure with realistic expectations, prepared to be happy with yourself despite the final results.

After all, self-acceptance should never be dependent on superficial things.

What can I do to prepare myself for liposuction?

To prepare for your liposuction surgery – be prepared to disclose all of the medications that you are currently taking to your doctor. Some medications put you at risk for complications during or after surgery.

If you are an obese or overweight individual – then liposuction surgery may not be for you.

Liposuction is not approved as a weight-loss surgery. The purpose of liposuction is to fine-tune the areas where a little excess fat tends to cling on. Lose weight first before considering liposuction. It may be the case that once you have made positive life-style changes, you will no longer perceive a need to have surgery as well.

What sorts of behaviors put me at greater risk during liposuction surgery?

We discussed some of the factors that put you at greater risk above. But let's get into it a little more.

If you are a smoker, one of the most important steps you can take to prepare for surgery is to quit smoking. Healing is seriously impaired by smoking. Blood clot formation (a potentially deadly side effect to surgery) is increased in smokers as well.

So, it is very clear on a number of levels that smoking and liposuction surgery don't go together.

What is the take-home here?

Being the ideal liposuction patient is based on a number of factors – many of which are within your direct control. Being and active, healthy non-smoker who is within his or her ideal body weight – certainly enhances your chances of having a successful surgery with attractive results.

Lose weight, quit smoking, eat a balanced diet, and start getting sleep regularly are all things you can do to not only improve your health, but make you the ideal liposuction patient, as well.

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Dr. Rose explains that lipo ISN'T a weight-loss technique.

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