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Thigh Liposuction Cost

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The Cost of Thigh Liposuction:

We have loving little names for our thighs such as, “thunder thighs”, “hams”, “tree trunks” – just to name a few. They all suggest that when it comes to the relationship we have with that particular section of our bodies - we are more than likely disappointed in what we see.

It is important that you approach the cost of your thigh liposuction procedure as you would any major medical procedure. There is a lot to consider. Your estimate for surgery should include any number of factors – including but not limited to – operating room fees, anesthesia and lab work. But the most important consideration with major surgery are not financial...

You should expect to pay more for an experienced liposuction surgeon. In fact, you should want to pay for a confident surgeon who knows his or her stuff and is skilled enough to handle the occasion hiccup along the way. There are many horror stories out there and you definitely do not want to be one of them if you can avoid it.

Average Thigh Liposuction Cost: $3,000 - $7,500

Source - American Society of Plastic Surgeons

Why You May Pay More for Liposuction:

11. Type of Lipo Procedure..

There are several liposuction procedures and they all involve differing amounts of technology, invasiveness, and blood-loss. The liposuction techniques that can be accomplished with less blood lost and with minimal incision will be less costly. Techniques that have the potential for more blood lost and that require more anesthesia to accomplish will be more expensive.

The point here is that the minimally invasive techniques that can be performed in-office, with a local anesthetic will tend to be the least costly.

Liposuction Cost Factor #1

Thigh Liposuction Cost: Plastic Surgery Facts & Figures

Top 5 Procedures for 35-50 Year Olds in 2010



No. of Procedures


Botulinum Toxin Type A



Hyaluronic Acid



Laser Skin Resurfacing



Laser Hair Removal





Source - American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 2010

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