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If you are looking for Santa Rosa Liposuction...

Then I think it is safe to assume that you are considering having liposuction surgery.

We all know that liposuction is major surgery with certain risks involved. So, if you are going to put your beauty and health on the line, you want to make sure that you're in capable hands.

Check out our list of top lipo surgeons below.

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Santa Rosa

  • Are You This Liposuction Surgeon?...
    David Elliot Marcus MD
    Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center
    1128 Sonoma Avenue
    Santa Rosa, CA, 95405
    (707) 575-1626
  • Are You This Liposuction Surgeon?...
    John Martin Mcavoy MD, F.A.C.S.
    Santa Rosa Office:
    4773 Hoen Avenue
    Santa Rosa, CA, 95405
    (707) 526-2276
  • Are You This Liposuction Surgeon?...
    Kent Eric Mellerstig MD
    Santa Rosa Office:
    4655 Hoen Avenue, Suite 2
    Santa Rosa, CA, 95405
    (707) 527-7211
  • Are You This Liposuction Surgeon?...
    Barry Neil Silberg MD, F.A.C.S.
    Santa Rosa Office:
    1111 Sonoma Avenue, Suite 210
    Santa Rosa, CA, 95405
    (707) 528-0911
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Surgeons near Santa Rosa:


  • Are You This Liposuction Surgeon?...
    Larry K. Fan MD
    Oakland Office:
    3300 Webster Street, Suite 1109
    Oakland, CA, 94609
    (510) 763-7415
  • Are You This Liposuction Surgeon?...
    Douglas H.C.L. Chin MD
    Bay Area Medaesthetics
    80 Grand Avenue, Suite 810
    Oakland, CA, 94612
    (510) 451-6950
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San Francisco

  • Are You This Liposuction Surgeon?...
    Stephen Preble Daane MD
    San Francisco Office:
    2186 Geary Blvd., Suite 212
    San Francisco, CA, 94115
    (415) 561-0542
  • Are You This Liposuction Surgeon?...
    Kenneth Michael Bermudez MD
    San Francisco Office:
    525 Spruce Street
    San Francisco, CA, 94118
    (415) 504-1880
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Walnut Creek

  • Are You This Liposuction Surgeon?...
    David Miller Wise MD
    Medical Office Building
    1425 South Main Street, 3rd Floor
    Walnut Creek, CA, 94596
    (925) 295-5885
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