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Non Surgical Alternative to Liposuction

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Part 2: Lipo Alternatives

Author: Letty's Staff Writer

The best non surgical alternative to liposuction is...

You'll find that - AND other great information about non surgical liposuction options throughout this article series. Within minutes you will be able to quickly compare the strengths and weaknesses of each procedure.

As always here at Letty's Liposuction Directory we are ever seeking ways to both inform and entertain you...

Strap on your listening (uh... I mean "reading") ears.

Let's dig into the details. You are looking for a non surgical alternative to liposuction – and I'm going to show you several worth your consideration.

  1. I. Dietary Supplement (Diet Pills):

    There are many reasons why people choose to use diet pills.

    Some folks want a little extra help with appetite suppression – to maintain their commitment to scaling back their portions. Or some individuals want to lose weight with little or no effort. Other individuals have found other methods of weight loss disappointing and are turning to weight loss pills as a last resort.

    Whatever your reasons for considering taking supplements for weight loss – you need to understand both the benefits and the side-effects associated with your choices.

    1. A. What are the potential benefits?

      Potential benefits of diet pill or weight loss supplements are of course weight loss, but in addition to that there are others.

      Antioxidant properties, increased metabolism, appetite suppression, and enhanced fat burning are all promises that many dietary supplements make.

    2. B. What are the potential side-effects?

      Some of the known and proven risks associated with weight loss pills include the following: heart irregularities, stomach upset, loose stools, dehydration, and allergic reaction - to name a few.

  2. II. Laser Skin Therapy:

    Laser skin resurfacing is a non surgical alternative to liposuction that is very popular – particularly with people who are uncomfortable with surgery or unable to have it for a number of reasons.

    1. A. What are the potential benefits?

      Laser therapies may include skin resurfacing, scar removal; tighten sagging skin, and boosting collagen production in your skin.

      All of these light-based therapies are geared to make us look younger and more flawless – which in our appearance-oriented society has the overall effect of making us feel better about ourselves.

    2. B. What are the potential side-effects?

      So the logical next question you may ask is: What is the downside?...

      The potential hazards associated with laser skin therapy are numerous and include complications such as: post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, burning, hypopigmentation, and scarring – to name just a few.

  3. III. Injection Lipolysis:

    This controversial technique involves injecting fat-dissolving compounds into the superficial layers of fat tissue. Otherwise known as – Mesotherapy or Lipodissolve – injection lipolysis is controversial because it is not proven with clinical trials. Also, it is not highly peer-reviewed or endorsed by plastic surgeons.

    Although having said that – I've got to say that injection therapies are not illegal in the United States.

    So, if you are determined to have this procedure it is important to find someone you can trust (who has a great deal of experience with the technique) to perform it on you.

    1. A. What are the potential benefits?

      This technique promises to easily and safely dissolve fat; a non surgical liposuction alternative. As a non surgical liposuction alternative it is less expensive than liposuction, involves less recovery time, and is relative painless.

    2. B. What are the potential side-effects?

      Some of the side effects of injection lipolysis include: post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, severe allergic reaction, scarring and calcification of injected tissues – are all potential complications.

What is the take-home here?

I've attempted to show you a few non surgical alternatives to liposuction that may indeed prove to be just the thing for you. However, you should approach cosmetic treatments with the same amount of scrutiny that you would with surgery.

After all you will be putting your well-being and beauty into someone's hands. So be sure to get the most experienced professional you can find.

You HAVE to Listen to This:

Thinking about taking the non-prescription weight loss pill Alli?... National Public Radio ran this radio segment on its merits:

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