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Neck Liposuction Cost

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The Cost of Neck Liposuction:

The neck is one of the more neglected areas of our anatomy. When we are young we're more concerned with eyeliner and lipstick, than with the skin and condition of our necks. But over time, and with fluctuating hormones, stress-levels, and sun exposure our necks age and fat begins to accumulate.

If this is you - then neck liposuction might just be the solution to your problem.

But first we must consider the costs. The total cost of neck liposuction will be a combination of both surgical and non-surgical fees. Surgical fees will include items such as operating costs, anesthesiologist fees, pre-operative laboratory fees, etc. Non-surgical liposuction costs will include post compression-garments, antibiotic fee, and post-surgical follow-up appointments.

If you are considering having neck liposuction, the most thing is to "do your homework”. Find out as much about the procedure and possible side-effects as possible. Search for the most highly-qualified liposuction surgeon that you can find. And once you have educated yourself and have narrowed your surgeon choices down to two or three experienced doctors, then you should begin to consider the cost of neck liposuction as well.

Average Neck Liposuction Cost: $2,000 - $4,500

Source - American Society of Plastic Surgeons

Why You May Pay More for Liposuction:

9. Safety..

Your safety during and after surgery is an intangible, BUT it can actually be measured in terms of dollars and cents. If you are paying remarkably less in your area for a liposuction procedure than the average, then you may in fact be paying for lack of experience, or poor facilities, and absent services that are essential to your well-being during and after surgery.

It is better - by far – to pay more up front for an experienced cosmetic surgeon who specializes in your area of concern and performs procedures on many different patients regularly. The cheaper alternative can be far more costly in the long run.

AND pain and suffering cannot adequately be measured in terms of money.

Liposuction Cost Factor #10

Neck Liposuction Cost: Plastic Surgery Facts & Figures

How Much Did Americans Spend on Cosmetic Procedures in 2010?...

Procedure Type

($) Dollars Spent

All Surgical Procedures

Almost $6.6 Billion

Injectable Procedures

$1.9 Billion

Skin Rejuvenation

$1.8 Billion

All Other Non-Surgical Procedures

$500 Million

NOTE: Americans spent nearly $10.7 billion on cosmetic procedures in 2010.

Source - American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 2010

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