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My Lipo Question: What's Going to Happen To Me?

Author: Letty's Staff Writer

Even if you aren't an expert on liposuction...

I think most people are aware that liposuction is major surgery and that there will be some pain involved.

So what you want me to do is answer the lipo question: What's going to happen to me?...

I've got your back.

In this article I've taken a few moments to answer this most important lipo question of yours... Check it out.

A couple weeks before surgery:

Liposuction Question: Answer #6

Getting ready for surgery involves some coordination with your doctor and a few lifestyle changes.

First, if you are a smoker, then you will be encouraged to quit smoking at least 2 weeks prior to surgery. Smoking interferes with wound healing and constricts blood vessels needed to keep tissue healthy and infection-free.

Got a liposuction question?...

Next, you will detail for your surgeon what medications, and supplements you are currently taking.

Certain medications are contraindicated for surgery.

That means surgery and these medicines do not mix. Some drugs that don't work with surgery include (but are not limited to) aspirin, thyroid medications, over the counter medicines, and certain nutritional supplements. Among other things these medicines and supplements can cause trouble with blood clotting, and interfere with anesthesia - which can lead to cardiac arrhythmias or arrest during your procedure.

So, be prepared to fully disclose your information.

Also there may be pre-operative blood tests (i.e. a complete blood count, and blood chemistry profile) that your doctor will want to run to check your status, and to screen out any health risks that may make you a poor candidate for liposuction surgery. If you are older than 50 years old – your surgeon may want to get an EKG (electrocardiogram – testing the functioning of your heart) especially if the planned type of anesthesia makes you unconsciousness.

Finally, photographs will be taken before your surgery while you are standing, and measurements will be taken and recorded in the surgeon’s office – in preparation for your surgery.

The night before surgery:

Liposuction Question: Answer #7

Your physician or nurse will instruct you to have a light meal the night before surgery. And you will be told to have nothing by mouth after midnight before your surgery. For approved medications – you will be told to take them with as small a sip of water as possible.

Your doctor wants to be sure that there are no stomach contents that can be regurgitated during surgery and breathed into your lungs.

The day or morning of surgery:

Liposuction Question: Answer #8

You will be instructed to shower the morning before your procedure and apply no deodorant, lotion, or makeup to your skin. Brushing and grooming your teeth will be encouraged with the caveat to avoid swallowing any water, or liquid in the process.

You will be instructed to wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothing.

This is advice which you will appreciate on the trip home when your surgical sites will be sore and swollen. Also your doctor is going to want to encourage you to have someone (a friend or relative) with you 24 hours after surgery – recovering at home (particularly if your surgery will not involve staying overnight in the hospital or facility for monitoring).

When you arrive for your surgery photographs of the surgical sites may be taken again.

During this time your surgical sites will be marked directly on your body – with a special pen to map out the areas that will and will not be addressed during your surgery.

Continue reading to discover exactly what happens during liposuction surgery...

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