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Liposuction Gone Wrong

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watch this 'liposuction gone bad' video -- tell us what you think..

I am not going to lie...

I was disturbed when I first watched this video on the internet. There were a lot of little things in the video that all added up to one big 'red flag' for this patient.

Yet this patient didn't heed any of the warning signs.

How can that be??!!

What was very obvious to me - was not obvious to this patient. So, I wanted to share this video with you, and get your input.

Of course NOT in a freak-show kind of way -- BUT for educational purposes.

You see, the point is that there are some really suspicious plastic surgeons out there. The real question is:... "What can we do to identify the bad guys and protect our health?"

Put your thinking caps on, guys. We are going to put ourselves into the shoes of "Kelly" - the patient in this video - and re-imagine a different outcome for her.

Question: What could this patient have done differently?...

Liposuction Gone Wrong

What Other Visitors Have Said...

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  • "Doctor Seemed a Bit Unsteady..."

    Penelope H. -- Boca Raton, Florida, USA


    I'll take a stab at it. The physician in this video seemed a bit unsteady whenever the introduction was being done. At best I think that he appeared a little unfocused and 'all over the place'...

    At worst he seemed somewhat inebriated.

    But I want to be fair to him. I don't know him after all; have never met him in my life.. (after watching this - I'm not sure I want to).

    Again, to be fair -- his apparent unsteadiness doesn't have to be alcohol related.. It could very well be something else. I just know that he would have made me VERY, VERY uncomfortable with his behavior in the beginning.

    My advice to this poor girl would have been to walk away. Simply that.

  • "So NOOOT Cool..."

    Jennifer -- Fresno, California, USA

    I don't really understand why she would have put herself in this predicament.

    You could tell the doctor didn't have a whole lot of respect for her - in the beginning... by the way he was grabbing at her gown and her skin.

    I would have walked out then and there.

    If you aren't willing to walk out (even when the doctor is a jerk to you) then you are definitely giving your power away... I mean it seems kind of obvious that we vote with our feet, and our wallets.

    That's my take on this video.

  • "Unbelievable!..."

    Katy -- Dallas, Georgia, USA

    I really can't believe my eyes!!!...

    This doctor is a real quack... like the definition of the word Q-U-A-C-K. Unlike Penelope there I don't think we need to be "fair" to the guy.

    Did you see those poor girl's arms?... Okay.

    I think the sorry result that she got -- speaks volumes. The surgery (if you can call it that) was truly terrifying. He didn't look like he knew what to do, and she was all 'buttered up' with that red cream on a table waaaaaay too small for her.

    Where in hell did she find this character?... I mean there was nothing professional about him.

    Tell us who this flake is so we can make sure to avoid his 'chop shop'.

  • "Don't Be Haters..."

    Paul -- Newark, NJ USA

    You can tell the guy enjoys what he's doing.

    That's a happy dude right there. If people choose to use his services - then it isn't his fault..

  • "You Can't Be Serious..."

    Melissa -- Greensboro, NC USA

    To Paul from Newark --> Surely you wouldn't mind sending your wife or girlfriend to him for some plastic surgery - since you think he's so great.

    This 'doctor' is CLEARLY a menace.

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