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Cost of Liposuction:

When considering the total cost of lipo - you will need to consider the anesthetic used to complete the procedure. General anesthesia will cost more of course than if the doctor uses a local anesthetic for your liposuction surgery. After all the fee you will pay for an anesthetic doctor, or anesthetic nurse won't be cheap.

Another liposuction cost consideration is your gender. If you are a female your fatty tissues are generally softer and easier to remove with liposuction. The fat in men tends to be tougher, and more fibrous, which requires more work to remove. Men are often larger as well which factors into the liposuction cost. So generally speaking liposuction cost for men be more than that for women having similar procedures done.

In cases of complication, including but not limited to pre-existing health conditions (hypertension, diabetes etc.) you will pay more for your care than if you are healthy to begin or if your surgery proceeds without incident. The uncomplicated, straight-forward procedure will produce a lower liposuction cost in the end than if the patient winds up being hospitalized for a complication to surgery. In other words, unforeseen complications always cost more.

Compare Costs:

Procedure Best Candidate Average Cost - Surgeon Fees Length of Procedure Number of Treatments Results Back to Work
Normal weight with isolated fatty areas $2,697 45 Minutes - 2 Hours One Permanent 1 - 2 Weeks
Breast Augmentation
- Saline
Small, disproportionate breasts $3,583 1-2 hours One Permanent possible implant replacement 1-2 weeks
Breast Augmentation
- Silicone
Small, disproportionate breasts $4,005 1-2 hours One Permanent possible implant replacement 1-2 weeks

Source - American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Top 5 Plastic Surgery Procedures:

4. Rhinoplasty

  • Number of Procedures: 152,434
  • Estimated Total Spent in US: $665,971,415
  • Average Cost of Procedure: $4,369

The goal of rhinoplasty is to reshape your nose so that it complements your other facial features. The earliest recommended age for rhinoplasty is the mid-teens when the nose is near full development. As long as you are in good health, there is no upper age limit for nose reshaping.

Source - American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Surgical Procedures - SEE #3

Liposuction Cost: Plastic Surgery Facts & Figures

How Do Americans Feel About Plastic Surgery - By Income in 2010

Annual Income Level

(%) Who Generally Approve of Plastic Surgery

Income Under $25K

52% Approval


48% Approval


45% Approval

$75K or more

56% Approval

Source - American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 2010

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