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Part 4: Alternatives to Lipo

Author: Letty's Staff Writer

This article talks about an unlikely liposuction alternative that has been clinically trialed and proved effective for some people.

What is it – you ask?

It is cool laser liposuction. And it requires no surgery, no sutures – and very little down time.

In fact, if you want an effective procedure that can be performed during your lunch hour – with no one the wiser – then you have got to read more below.

Without further ado – let's talk all about cool laser lipo.

  1. VII. Cool Laser Liposuction:

    The Zerona laser is a very good lipo alternative. It's a non surgical procedure that is FDA approved after substantial clinical trials.

    Specifically, Zerona works by causing superficial fat cell membranes to become more porous to fat. The fat leaks out of these cells and is picked up by the lymphatic system. Then it's swept to the liver for processing and excretion.

    It takes roughly 6 treatments over 2 weeks to complete treatment. Patients can lose from 2 -7 inches (5cm – 17.5cm) circumferentially. And the cost is about $2,400 for a package of 6 treatments.

    1. A. What are the potential benefits?

      The procedure is painless, and doesn't involve any recovery time. No surgery or needles (by way of injections) are required. AND without changing anything in your life-style you can have a fairly dramatic loss of inches and fat in stubborn places.

    2. B. What are the potential side-effects?

      So far this technology is judged as safe. I wasn't able to find any long-term studies showing that the lasers do not increase the incidence of cancer... It may be the case that this laser therapy impacts the risk for cancer later in life. So that may be a concern only time will resolve.

      Another downside to this cosmetic procedure is that it is not guaranteed to work for everyone. Some folks will have less than satisfactory results – or may not see any fat reduction at all.

      Also the results are temporary and need to be maintained or enhanced with diet and exercise.

How about That Table?

Here's that table I promised you to wrap up this discussion.

You can see each lipo alternative listed in one handy location. Keep in mind that each technique has both strengths and weaknesses – AND things become much clearer when you can see the information together.

Table: Lipo Alternatives Comparison Chart
Procedure Benefits Side-Effects
Diet Pills potential weight loss; appetite suppression; increased metabolism stomach upset; allergic reaction; drug and medication interactions
Laser Skin Therapy tighten sagging skin; stimulate collagen production burning; post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation; hypopigmentation; scarring; allergic reaction; sensitivity
Injection Lipolysis fat sculpting and smoothing allergic reaction; scarring and calcification; hyperpigmentation; hypopigmentation
Diet and Exercise weight loss; muscle toning; skin improvements; life extension; cure to common diseases very little downside if done reasonably and under doctor's supervision
Radio Frequency potential fat loss; skin tightening burning; irritation; hyperpigmentation; hypopigmentation
Endermologie fat sculpting and smoothing bruising; muscle injury; skin tearing and injury; swelling
Cool Laser Therapy fat loss and sculpting; skin tightening sensitivity; soreness; may not work for some individuals

Of course this list is incomplete. It does not contain every non surgical alternative to liposuction out there. But I did try very hard to include the most popular and current therapies.

What is the take-home here?

Frankly there are many who want the easy way...

The real truth is that these folks don't want to diet or exercise – so they claim to have put in the work – with little success...

Neither liposuction, nor any non surgical alternative to liposuction is going to help these folks.

There is a real place for both liposuction and non surgical alternatives in our "beauty arsenal". BUT any gains seen from these procedures must be maintained by the patient with – you guessed it – diet and exercise.

You HAVE to Watch This:

Woman Loses 5-Inches with the Zerona laser on the Rachel Ray Show:

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