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Hip Liposuction Cost

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The Cost of Hip Liposuction:

One of the areas of our bodies that we women feel are troublesome are the hips.

Salsa hips... bikini hips... low-rider jeans hips... NO wait a minute – you have rolls and muffin-top hips!

Welcome to my world...

Our hips and waists are the places on our bodies where we - stressed-out, time-crunched, and over-burdened women of the modern age - pile on the pounds. As a result, there often is a lot of extra fat we want removed.

If this is you then perhaps you are a candidate for hip liposuction. Once you’ve made your decision the first thing you must consider is the cost of your hip lipo surgery.

One of the greatest factors contributing to cost is the extent of the surgery. The more fat you need to have removed, the greater the costs will be.

In fact, there is some variation in costs among doctors. These variations are due to a number of factors. Before you schedule that procedure be sure to do your homework. Start with information gathering, then select three or four liposuction surgeons, and finally start investigating your surgeons. Once you have done all that, THEN consider the cost of liposuction. When it comes to your health and safety, hip liposuction cost is NOT one of the most important factors.

Average Hip Liposuction Cost: $1,600 - $5,000

Source - American Society of Plastic Surgeons

Why You May Pay More for Liposuction:

7. Pre-existing Conditions..

Unfortunately, in cases of complication, including but not limited to pre-existing health conditions (hypertension, diabetes etc.) you will pay more for your care than if you are healthy to begin or if your surgery proceeds without incident.

The uncomplicated, straight-forward liposuction procedure will cost much less in the end than if the patient has complications, or extra precautions have to be taken before, during, and after surgery.

Liposuction Cost Factor #8

Hip Liposuction Cost: Plastic Surgery Facts & Figures

About: Men and Cosmetic Surgery in 2010

— Men had over 750,000 cosmetic procedures, 8% of the total.

— The number of cosmetic procedures for men increased over 88% from 1997.

Source - American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 2010

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