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What is Cool Liposuction?

Author: Letty's Staff Writer

When you think of cool liposuction – does it put you in mind of beaches, breezes, and drinks with little hats?...

I like how your mind works.

Sadly, this article is not about that dream "vacay"... It's all about CoolLipo™ and how it can work for you.

But who knows – after reading this article maybe someday soon you will be in the mood for that killer get-away with you in a revealing swimsuit only brave people wear.

Funny name... How does it work exactly?


So, the research for this topic really pointed out two discrete sorts of information that people wanted when they typed "cool lipo" into a web browser.

One group of folks are very interested to know more about CoolLipo™ - the trademarked liposuction device that uses a laser system and "micro-cannula" to perform a more traditional liposuction surgery with the added benefit of laser skin tightening.

Another group of people want to know about non-invasive lipo – that doesn't involve any surgery at all. And that may or may not involve a "cool" or "cold" element in the procedure as well.

So, the answer to this is – of course – to talk about both types of procedures.

1. CoolLipo™

How it Works:

CoolLipo™ - developed by CoolTough Inc. in Sacremento, California – is a minimally-invasive laser lipolysis treatment procedure generally performed by certified physician. It uses a Nd:YAG 1320nm laser to dissolve fat cells and tighten skin tissues.

Typical areas receiving treatment include neck, chin, jowls, abdomen, back, and under the arms.


When applied to the face, Cool Lipo™ is much less invasive than a neck or face lift surgery and has the added benefit for patients with aging skin that it tightens collagen and can therefore diminish the jowling and sagginess that can occur during middle-aged years. In fact, because of its skin-tightening properties Cool Lipo™ is a useful procedure for other areas of the body where loose skin may be a problem.

The Cool Lipo™ procedure is often performed under local anesthesia, in the physician's office as an outpatient procedure.


Risks associated with invasive liposuction include but are not limited to: Infection, bruising and swelling, nerve damage, puncture wounds to underlying tissues and organs, and asymmetrical or odd-looking results.

Ideal Patient: Cool Lipo™ is designed for anyone who has some (not excessive) skin laxity, and a little extra fat – but who otherwise is in good general health.

2. "Cold" non-invasive lipo

How it Works:

Again, when I started the research this is the category that I sort of had in mind for "cold lipo" technology.

Traditionally lasers are hot – they produce heat on the skin. This new cold laser technology operates on the principle that different energy is used to disrupt fat cells than that for other cells of the body. Low-level lasers are directed at fatty pockets of the torso, legs, hips, and back – and in about 40 minutes of treatment fat cells begin to break open releasing their lipids into the surrounding tissues. These materials are "picked up" by the lymphatic system and disposed of in the liver.

Fat cells in the treatment areas are thereby "deflated" without being damaged.


There is incision to the skin or tissue (NO SURGERY) involved. That is great news for the In a little as 2 weeks patients can lose anywhere from 3-6 inches across the waist, hips and thighs. Patients only have to lie under a series of rotating arms for about 40 minutes and the "magic" of the cold lasers do the rest.


I couldn't find too many risks associated with this technique. However with lasers there is always the potential for burn and/or irritation – although these are really low-energy lasers there is still some risk. Another thing patients may want to consider is that results are not immediate. The wait is up to 2 weeks or more before results can be visualized.

For the impatient among us... that is a hard pill to swallow.

Ideal Patient: The best patient for this technique is really one within their ideal body weight. This isn't a procedure intended to help people lose massive amounts of weight. This is a fine-tuning device only. Extremely overweight patients might want to try diet and exercise first – see where that leaves them – then decide which procedure is best.

In Conclusion:

When we speak about "cool" liposuction we are really talking about different types of procedures that may or may not substitute for the conventional lipo surgery.

In either case there are pluses and minuses.

Your job is to sort through all of that and come up with solutions that address your specific concerns.

Want to watch an informative video?..

Dr. Lee discusses many unsual uses for plastic surgery.

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